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Als Atheistin, die an die Sinnlosigkeit des Daseins und Bewusstsein als Nebenprodukt der Neurowissenschaften glaubt, steht SharingFocus romantisch-nostalgisch auf Evolution, während der halbgare Sozialismus verachtet wird. Zur Lösung der weltlichen Probleme soll hier die Evolution in aller Ruhe evaluiert werden, hier und da ein wenig nachgebessert werden. Eine interessante Sichtweise, die es zu teilen lohnt.

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ARE YOU MONKEYS FUCKING SERIOUS ? A morning rant about the recent development of the leftover scraps of terran evolution.

– Karl Marx

In herd animals, an unknown level of iq will suffice to make them ‚aware‘ enough to crave more ’sense‘ than everyday life offers. In human primates, the level may be around 75 or so… We have precious little low-iq philosophers., but Chimps have rituals that seem to be meant to appease higher principles, humans of higher iq levels cant leave anything alone, they are aware of their relative powers but yet unable to see their infinite senselessness, as in the culmination of a party of chess, a ritual without higher meaning (‚higher‘ always suggestive of something we do not understand – sic et nunc) – they must almost by default believe that their level of consciousness is an absolute, they are quite evolved into that sort of belief (that we call religiosity), the modern sort being the ’scientific‘ belief that a hominid will through due diligence be one day able to understand the entire makeup and ‚meaning‘ (an animal concept born from the instinct that everything must have a, possibly dangerous, cause) of the ‚cosmos.‘

As animal brains (understand that the human animal sees itself as a non-animal, a higher being – hybris is probably a defensive stance) are tiny self-regulation steering machines for a self-replicatory organism which can memorize a microscopic, extremely pixelated image of the environment, therefore lots of brave hubris and utter delusionality is needed for the human animal to survive in the positive, constructive feeling that it’s doing something ’sensible‘ and forward-oriented, something which sort of nullifies death – as if death wan’t sensible to make room for new, possibly more ‚gifted,‘ generations.

But then, humans are quick to forget, without script they would just be another primate species, so this contradiction, doesn’t bother them in the least or rather, never for a long time as memory fails and actionism prevails. Like the children they are, they do whatever seems feasible at a moment in time, having an extremely hard time to learn from the past, as delusion almost always wins out in their puny minds, against ‚just‘ and often inconvenient, realities.

Foto: colony q

Average IQ, the only comparison measure so far available, 100 being the estimated normal a hundred rotations ago, among one of the more evolved tribes of the species, is in reality 86 globally – to understand basic economy (the way they handle their inter-species competiveness ignoring the entire rest of the environment as being irrelevant and anyways too complicated), about 105 may be needed, to understand rudimentary banking (the way of profiting from the less sophisticated members of the species), 115, to understand the known part of ecology, biology and physics as a whole, 125 might be called for – to fathom consciousness as a side effect of neurology, which after all is an inversely associative way of thought, 145 or so should be expected. Less than one percent of the species are even able of that, though the rest would be able to JUST ACCEPT the principles, learning ‚by heart‘ ten or so religious commandments. But then, they would rather have pictograms.

Foto: Quora

Culture and human ant heaps called ‚civilization‘ evolved after intelligence made it past a certain level and human population called for a way to jot down balances… that and greed created an exalted form of memory unknown before. Thinking was no longer in vain, it could be saved and made available to later generations, later geniuses didn’t need to start from scratch… comparatively much was understood, as well as a human brain can understand and parse, in the following ten thousand years.

Several times on the way, the best civilizations crumbled – for the simple reason that human nature stayed the same and as its greatest motivator is both intra-and extra herd competitiveness, the lack of that combined with good food and boredom made it clear that no ‚higher sense‘ existed, which meant that the ever-busy hominids fell into hedonistic, self-destructive habits and more primitive tribes, still full of delusional motivation, easily overwhelmed and replaced them. We can see the same effect at work right now, though with some significant differences this time around.

The problem of equality is unequality, Foto: Jay Man’s blog

This time, an important faction of the more semi-educated classes of the top civilization, is under the impression that they can reeducate both the lazy leftovers of their own, as well as the intruding barbarians, into a compatible, dependent, non-aggressive mix, finally solving the civilizatory conundrum. This because they, conveniently ignoring big chunks of history and science, think that the human domesticated ape has reached an intelligence level that enables it to replace evolution with philosophy, and that ‚conscious‘ ‚decisions‘ will surely make this world a better place than nature ever could. Are they not enlightened?
In fact, they feel safe in the absolute conviction that they are, after ten thousand years of brooding, the will now declare breeding as antisocial, being more clever than the universe itself, meant by the higher principle (which they now aim to resemble themselves) to re-order it, and the first step will be to make all hominids equal – as exactly this, to them, as all hominids intro- rather than exospective, naively projecting that view on the universe rather than dealing with perceivable realty (again!), which thus sems to them – of course – to be the most important issue.

Try to see it this way: wtf is important about equality of individuals inside a herd of primates? Everything for a sub-conscious member, nothing from an objective point of view. I see the goal of consciousness at the human level as the try to come out of intraspecies stupor and try, try again, to reach a viewpoint outside the box and be as objective as we can. That’s it, more won’t be possible.
But they theorize (and delude), little things like there won’t be any more killing (each other, as in they’re all EVEN MORE the same, ideally non-distinguishable, as if it would even matter how many get killed, what with extreme overpopulation inside a competitive and highly aggressive species) there will be no more bad feelings, such terrible are negative feelings, what on Earth could they be good for? ‚Everybody‘ will be happy all the time ’nobody‘ will be hungry. Aha. And then? Is this the culmination of human philosophy ?

In any case, this is the illusion the less advanced members of that part of the semi-educated humins now fancy, actually quite understandable for members of a herd animal tribe, and extremely female. Females of some primate species tend to take over leadership in quiet and satiated, rather opulent times. The importance that ‚peace and quiet‘ plays, actually rules in their little minds, is a motherly, entirely instinctive, philosophy – and that’s all it is. Mammals ruling a strapping Mouse Utopia.

Foto: Youtube Screenshot

They are now deleting the leftovers of the male phase of that same civilization, which was a phase of much brutal activity and conquest, and the fact that there’s nothing left to conquer, in this the mamma(l)s are quite correct, while they are going for the exact opposite in blind reaction, leads some of the last dominant males into going with the flow but using select extreme low-iq barbarians to conquer their own, the last frontier – as rather sociopathic individuals they never really felt themselves to be part of any tribe, which makes them flexible enough in such a case to play the end game by using protosapien halfman pawns to conquer the rests of their own civilization. Fun! Subjective short-term satisfaction!

English video see here.

As long as they stay in media-induced herd control, it’s all possible – and what will be lost ? One final game before they go… what with the blasted ecology and planetary species reduced to about a third, soon more, a bitter interregnum should follow, at best an extremely boring one for the less than one percent – also a genocidal one which the mammas are trying to mollify in the only way they know, by opening their legs.

Volunteer in Calais Camp has Sex with refugee. Foto: conservative blog

t comes naturally, so to speak. What can they achieve ? To make it less brutal and more boring. Nothing else, whatever else they may be dreaming up. They are in fact desperate, utterly clueless, forever repeating 19th century dogmata. So this is one the choice socialism offers, deleting all others for the sake of stasis. Protoplasmatic bliss.

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