Prayer to my father

My father above i pray to you

The hole city is still vanished

Gog and Magog are still exempt

Perser, Lyber, Mohren, Gomer destroying Israel in the silence of the night.

My folk lives in agonie, children and woman are not safe anymore, people are weak, people are exhausted from fighting.

Mesech and Thubal stealing our houses, they take controll of our cities, the kingdom, they destroyed my home, the kingdom is ruined.

Why are you doing this to your children? We are fighting for your dream for over 30 years now, we never get paid of.

Father, you sacrifice your own children to Satan. But we are lying on the bottom of the war zone..

The archangel are tired from fighting

The prophets are tires from fighting

We are wounded. Why would a father ever sacrifice his one children? For the reason of love?

But Fahrer I pray to you, the pain could not be bigger, the wounds couldn’t be deeper, the hole skin is cover in scarves.

The streets are flooded with death bodies, mistreated woman and children, staped boys, blood everywhere in the holy city and in Europa.

The soul couples are still split and living in desire. The angel’s waiting for there men coming home from war.

Stop this war father! I beg to you sitting on my knies, STOP THIS WAR IMMEDIATELY!

Take off my armament

Take off my weapons

Take off my heavy armor chain

Take off my bow and arrow

Let me go home. I haven’t been home for 30 years now.

I got burned, I got drowned, betrayed and hunted, I got beaten, raped and agonized, I got shoot death, I got run over, I lost my family, my home is destroyed, they played impured games on my, the underworld took my family long time ago, I lost my man, I lost my baby, I lost my friends, I got condemned two times tribunal, I got punished for crimes, I never did, I lost my body many times, I lost my heartbeat, lost my head, I lost my house now, no job, no car, I lost everything now and it’s even worth..

It feels like my life melts away between my bloody fingers and indeed the first time in my life it feels I run out of power..

So father please stop this death pangs, send me a bit peace so I can take care of my own wounds. Let me bandage my arme and legs, give me time to recover, give me a little peace in this insane chaotic world. Stop that war please!

People are weak and sickly.

I implore you!! Stop this!

And set me free again.

Gortoz a ran

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