Prayer to my mother

Mother, my holy mother, I pray to you!

YOU are everything to me! You are ultimate, you are unique, all the wisdome is yours! Your are complex, you have all the power, you are multifaceted and undefeated. You do preserve, you receive! You renew the world, give birth to the earth and its children is all yours! I’m yours! You are the fullness, plants, trees, mushrooms growing put of your ground, you manage the clouds and the rain above, the springs and the wind, the vulkanos and the fire.

I’m nothing without you!

I get lost in your forests!

I give up on your mountains!

I never ever struggle against your oceans!


I’m nothing without you!

I do not identifie myself with personal belongings, character traits, wishes or hopes.

I DO identifie myself ONLY with you, my mother and your holy grace!

I do identifie myself with the flap of an butterfly,

… the sound of the ocean,

.. leaves in the wind,

.. with the bells in the background,

… the yawling of a dog,

…. children singin

… the smell of a flowers,

… The sand among my feet

No weird habits, No egos, no identification with my body or my personality, my brain in totally empty, all I need to connect to is to5YOU, my mother!

The root of your trees are my home, I sleep on mossy ground. I do not where shoes to feel your back, I totally love you, I’m addicted with you.

I’m your child and I’m always there for you. You give me the power to climb your mountains, to dive 50meter deep into your deep blue ocean with one breath, you give me the power to conquere forrests, you give me the power to play with your elements.

Until I’m the eagle in the sky, the blue whale in the water, the flower on the way side, the beatle unter the table!

Let this journey never end and keep on going extending my original human psyche until I’m a blueprint of you: a transcendental, psychedelic beeing.

And even when I’m doing my last breath, not even my body in mine! No, it’s all yours! Everything is yours! I’m yours! DU MEINE ERDENMUTTER!

Don’t stop this journey until I made all my way to ZION – a mental state

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